Artificial breeding of brown trout in Trakų Vokė completed


The specialists of Trakų Vokė subdivision of the Eastern Region Pisciculture Division of the Fisheries Service at the Ministry of Agriculture together with researchers from Nature Research Centre's Laboratory of Genotoxicology and Laboratory of Fish Ecology, Dr Milda Stankevičiūtė, Dr Gintarė Sauliutė and Tomas Makaras, completed brown trout artificial breeding. This will allow to determine the status of artificially bred fish and evaluate the control/background levels of early genetic biomarkers in fish. Pond water samples will serve for identification of the species of oomycetes (aquatic microbiotaa). Investigation of species diversity of oomycetes will be carried out in cooperation with a researcher form Nature Research Centre's Laboratory of Mycology, Dr Svetlana Markovskaja.


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