Baltic-American Freedom Foundation presents initiative "Fragile interface: impact of extreme coastal events on human-landscape interaction and preservation of cultural heritage"


On 7 October 2019, 2:00 p.m., at Nature Research Centre's Conference Hall (Akademijos St. 2) Dr Ilya Buynevich (Temple University, USA) will deliver a lecture "Baltic Megabarriers: Archives of Environmental Changes over 6,000 years".

The scientist will present non-invasive research methods and generalise the research carried out together with researchers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc. on the Baltic Seacoast.

Dr. Ilya Buynevich was born near the Black Sea, in Ukraine. In 1989 he started his studies in geology at Odessa National University and in 1994 completed his geology studies at Boston University. In 2001 he defended doctoral dissertation and in 2001–2003 pursued postdoctoral studies at Woods Hole Institute of Oceanography to investigate geological phenomena in coastal zones. Dr Ilya Buynevich gives lectures and conducts research at Temple University, USA. Since 2005 he cooperates with Lithuanian researchers in different fields and participates in joint scientific projects. He has published over 40 articles in journals listed in Web of Science database. His main research trends cover coastal and marine geology, aeology, aeolian and sedimentary processes, ichnology and zoogeomorphology. He pursues coastal investigations in the USA, Brazil (Atlantic Ocean), Ukraine, Turkey (Black Sea), Lithuania, Latvia (Baltic Sea), Israel (Mediterranean Sea), Kuwait (Persian Gulf ).