Chinese researcher's traineeship


On 19–22 March 2018, Dr Ting Jia, Deputy Director for Science of the Beijing Zoological Garden (Beijing, the Peoples' Republic of China) visited P. B. Šivickis Laboratory of Parasitology. The Beijing Zoological Garden engages in breeding endemic crane species, but birds are massively dying because of infections transmitted by blood-sucking parasites. Bird diseases are caused by malaria parasite species which are also widespread in Lithuania. During the visit, Dr Ting was trained to apply a modern chromogenic in situ hybridization technique for diagnosing avian haemosporidia and the methods of developing and maintaining blood-sucking Diptera colonies. Haemosporidia investigations in Beijing and Vilnius, preventive measures against these blood-sucking parasites, as well as possible future cooperation in this area were also discussed.