EuroMicropH conference


The Nature Research Centre is included in the committee for implementation of the project under the European Cooperation for Science and Technology Programme (COST CA18113 "Understanding and exploiting the impacts of low pH on microorganisms"). The committee is represented by Dr Elena Servienė and Dr Juliana Lukša.


On 12–14 of February, the first open EuroMicropH conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal ( The following posters were presented at the conference: "Response mechanisms of model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae to yeast viruses" (authors: Lukša J., Ravoitytė B., Konovalovas A., Aitmanaitė L., Yurchenko V., Serva S., Servienė E.) and "High content analysis of fruit and berry fungal microbiota" (authors: Servienė E., Lukša J., Stanevičienė R., Ravoitytė B., Strazdaitė-Žielienė Ž.).