Half a century...



Half a century ago, on the 1st of June 1970, prof. Tadas Ivanauskas, academician, biologist, and a founder of many institutions, passed away T. Ivanauskas, a graduate of Sorbonne and Saint Petersburg universities, chose Lithuania as his motherland and learned the Lithuanian language. In 1918, he together with his wife Honorata opened a Lithuanian school in Musteika village, the first Lithuanian school in the region. In 1919, he established a nature research station and a zoological laboratory in Kaunas, which later became the Zoological Museum. Together with other learned persons of that time he established a university in Kaunas, put his best efforts to establish the Žuvintas Reserve (established in 1937), Kaunas Zoological Garden, and Ventės Ragas Ornithological Station. After World War II, Tadas Ivanauskas headed the Institute of Biology and delivered lectures in many higher and other education institutions. Among his numerous literary achievements, a 3-volume publication "Lietuvos paukščiai" (Birds of Lithuania) has no equal competitors so far. With many disciples and followers left, T. Ivanauskas passed away at the onset of summer.

Professor Tadas Ivanauskas rests in the graveyard of Tabariškiai village not far from his cherished Obelynė park.


Text by Selemonas Paltanavičius