Invitation to 5th Lithuanian Conference of Doctoral Students in Geology on 15 November 2019


On 15 November 2019 (Friday), the 5th Lithuanian Annual  Conference of Doctoral Students in Geology is organised.

Doctoral students and other persons willing to participate in the conference should register by e-mail before 5 November, inclusive, and provide the following information:

1) name of presentation (in Lithuanian and English),

2) name(s), surname(s) of author(s),

3) name of the presenter (in case of several authors) should be marked by an asterisk or underlined,

4) abstract (no more than 2000 characters) in English and/or Lithuanian (in case you wish the abstract of your presentation is published),

The abstracts have to be made according to the requirements of the journal "Geologija. Geografija"

(in Lithuanian -;

in English -,

because they will be published in the journal "Geologija. Geografija", 2019, No 4.

Duration of a presentation is 10–20 min, depending on the number of presentations.

The students in their bachelor's or master's studies willing to present their ideas or research results are also invited to participate in the conference.

More information is available at Vilnius University Department of Geology and Mineralogy, Dr Eugenija Rudnickaitė, e-mail