Meeting with FTMC's Innovation Manager Karolis Stašys


Dear Colleagues,

We kindly invite you to the meeting with FTMC's Innovation Manager Karolis Stašys at the Conference Hall of the Nature Research Centre on 17 May 2019, 10:00 A.M.

Karolis Stašys will describe the competences and infrastructure of FTMC (Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology) as well as optical and electromagnetic investigations FTMC pursues and will present laser, semiconductor and chemical technologies.

FTMC is developing a great variety of physical technologies, but the creation of technology useful to the public requires solution of modern problems. The search of such problems and their solution constitute one of the main factors enabling cooperation between NRC and FMTC and providing benefit to the public.

Bring your challenges and search for their solutions together with FTMC!


Dr. Jurga Jankauskienė

Scientific Secretary