NRC's representative is elected a councillor of the ISCE


A Full Member of the Lithuanian Acad. of Sci., Prof. Vincas Būda has been elected by election online a councillor of the International Society of Chemical Ecology (ISCE), a global organisation joining researchers of chemical ecology from all continents ( This is a solemn recognition of scientific achievements of Prof. V. Būda and his scientific team, the more so because he was elected from a long list of candidates from other countries such as the USA or Israel which have considerably more members (voters) in the ISCE than Lithuania has. Prof. Anne-Geneviève Bargnères from the University of Montpelliė, France was elected the President of the ISCE, Prof. Coby Schal from North Carolina State University, USA was elected Vice-President. This year, the meeting of the ISCE took place in Kyoto, Japan; other meetings are scheduled to be held in Budapest, Hungary and Atlanta, USA.

In the photo:

Prof. Vincas Būda with Japanese geishas dressed in kimono who met ISCE councillors; such meeting symbolises Japan's friendliness and special attention to guests