Prof. Stasys Bizulevičius' 100th birth anniversary


The Nature Research Centre hosted presentation of a book "Profesorius Stasys Bizulevičius. Gyvenimo ir veiklos apžvalga. Bibliografija" / "Professor Stasys Bizulevičius. Review of Life and Activities. Bibliography"  (2019). The book was compiled on the occasion of 100th birth anniversary of the State Award Winner, Professor Stasys Bizulevičius. The book was issued by the Nature Research Centre, compiled by Dr Algimantas Jakimavičius and a bibliographer of the Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Sigita Dagienė. Along with bibliography (732 entries) the book contains fragments of the diary, the main facts of biography, as well as a chronological overview of S. Bizulevičius' scientific, pedagogical and social activities.


Further, the Lietuvos Aidas newspaper (08.06.2019 No 23) published an article by Prof. Ona Voverienė "Jis buvo laimingas, galėjęs dirbti. Medikas, biologas ir pedagogas prof. Stasys Bizulevičius" / "He Was Happy He Could Work. Medic, Scientist, Pedagogue  Prof. Stasys Bizulevičius"