Volume 10, 1996. Vilnius, ACADEMIA, 1997. - 60 p.: Figs. Circ. 400 copies

  1. Gudelis, V.: Litorina maximum transgression on the South-east coast of the Baltic Sea.
  2. Majore, J., Rinke, R., Savvaitov, A., Veinbergs, I.: Lithostratigraphical identification of tills in Southeastern part of the Baltic Sea by the method of rounded hornblende grains.
  3. Saarse, L., Heinsalu, A., Poska, A., Veski, S., Rajamäe, R., Hiie, S., Kihno, K., Martma, T.: Early Holocene shore displacement of the Baltic Sea East of Tallinn (N Estonia).
  4. Repečka, M. Šimkevi?ius, P., Radzevi?ius, R.: Composition of bottom surface sediments in the South-east Baltic Sea.
  5. Suveizdis, P., Rastenienė, V., Zui, V.: Geothermal field of the Vydmantai-1 borehole within the Baltic heat flow anomaly.
  6. Heiberg, E.O., Bennike, O. Late Quaternary rodents from the Southwestern Baltic Sea.
  7. Česnulevičius, A., Morkūnaitė, R.: Morphometrical, lithological and mineralogical traits of eolian formations in the Lithuanian coastal zone of the Baltic Sea.

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