Volume 8, 1994. Vilnius, ACADEMIA, 1995. - 69 p.: Figs. Circ. 500 copies

  • Gudelis, V.: Some retrospective thoughts about the "BALTICA".
  • Raukas, A.: Yoldia stage - the least clear interval in the Baltic Sea history.
  • Bjerkéus, M., Gelumbauskaite, Ž., Sturkell, E., Flodén, T. & Grigelis, A.: Paleochannels in the East Central part of the Baltic Proper.
  • Söderberg, P. & Hagenfeldt, S.E.: Seabed investigations of Upper Proterozoic to Lower Palaeozoic erratics in the Öland Sea, Sweden.
  • Stelle, V., Yakubovska, I. & Savvaitov, A.: Pollen complexes of late- and post-glacial sediments in the Gulf of Riga.
  • Jokšas, K.: Distribution of metals in bottom sediments of the East Baltic Sea and the Kuršiu Marios Lagoon.
  • Flodén, T. & Söderberg, P.: Shallow gas traps and gas migration models in crystalline bedrock areas offshore Sweden.
  • Klagish, B. & Goldfarb, Y.: Lithogenetic features of the Quaternary section in the Liepaja region of the Baltic Sea.
  • Kyzyurov, V.I., Mikheev, J., Niemistö, L., Winterhalter, B., Häsänen, E. & Ilus, E.: Shipboard determination of deposition rates of recent sediments based on Chernobyl derived Cesium-137.

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