Volume 9, 1995. Vilnius, ACADEMIA, 1996. - 95 p.: Figs. Circ. 700 copies

  1. Grigelis, A.: Editor's address to BALTICA Readers.
  2. Emelyanov, E.M.:Chemical composition and elements in the suspended matter and sediments of the Western Baltic.
  3. Eberhards, G. & Saltupe, B.: Accelerated coastal erosion - implications for Latvia.
  4. Molodkov, A. & Raukas, A.: ESR dating of subfossils mollusc shells of the Limnea Sea.
  5. Milkert, D. & Werner, F.: Formation and distribution of storm layers in Western Baltic Sea muds.
  6. Veinbergs, I., Savvaitov, A. & Stelle, V.: Deglaciation of the last Ice Sheet and development of the Late Glacial basins in the Southeastern part of the Baltic Sea.
  7. Gaigalas, A.: Structure and lithology of the shore ridge of the Baltic Ice Lake in the Lithuania.
  8. Gelumbauskaitė, Ž. : Bottom relief and genesis of the Gotland Depression.
  9. Huckriede, H., Clasen, S. & Meischner, D.: Hydrographic and climatic changes recorded in Holocene sediments of the Central Baltic Sea.

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