Ecology, Vol 53, No 4 (2007)

Butkus, D., Baltrėnaitė, E.
Accumulation of heavy metals in tree seedlings from soil amended with sewage sludge
Lubytė, J. D., Antanaitis, Š., Antanaitis, A.
Decomposition of chlopiralid, tribenuron-methyl and pendimethalin in different organic substrates
Jankaitė, A., Vasarevičius, S.
Use of Poaceae f. species to decontaminate soil from heavy metals
Ignatavičius, G., Oškinis, V.
Investigation of black oil and diesel biodegradation in water
Vabolienė, G., Matuzevičius, A. B., Dauknys, R.
Impact of temperature on biological phosphorus removal from wastewater in Lithuania
Paliulis, D., Baltrėnas, P.
Volatile organic compound emissions to the atmosphere and their reduction
Makarevičienė, V., Janulis, P., Sendžikienė, E.
Contribution of biodiesel fuel to environmental pollution