The European marine observation and data network – geological data

Alan Stevenson



A brief report highlights the progress made during the 1st phase of the EMODnet–Geology Project (2009-2012). The project aims to bring togheter marine geological information from the European seas. All public available data on the sea-bed sediments, seafloor geology, geological boundaries and faults, rate of coastal erosion and sedimentation, geological events and event probabilities, seismic profiles; and minerals including aggregates, oil and gas have been compiled into the map layers at 1:1 million scale stored on the OneGeology-Europe portal ( The project area covered the Baltic Sea, Greater North Sea and Celtic Sea; however, the EC have extended the geographical area of the programme to include, for example, the Mediterranean and Black seas, and have increased the resolution of compiled information to 1:250 000 scale.  

Keywords: Marine observation; Data network; Geology; Environment; Sediment; European seas 

DOI: 10.5200/baltica.2012.25.08

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