Aplinkos poveikis jonažolės (Hypericum) augimo intensyvumui, fenofazių trukmei, morfologinių požymių įvairovei [The impact of environmental factors upon growth rate, duration of phenophases, and diversity of morphologic properties in Hypericum]. – Botanica Lithuanica, Suppl. 5: 3–9

Interaction of the environmental factors was investigated by transplanting plants from natural coenopopulations into field collection. Observations on phenology and growth rate of Hypericum perforatum and H. maculatum were performed in the Scientific Experimental Station of the Institute of Botany. Variability of morphologic characteristics of H. perforatum and H. maculatum accessions is lower than among plants from the same natural coenopopulation, still the differences among accessions remain.

Keywords: Hypericum perforatum, H. maculatum, growth rate, phenological phases, morphologic variation.

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