Švediškų veislių ‘Sanna’ ir ‘Sussi’ bruknių fenologija ir auginimas Lietuvoje [The phenology and cultivation of Swedish lingonberry cultivars ‘Sanna’ and ‘Sussi’ in Lithuania]. – Botanica Lithuanica, Suppl. 5: 11–18

The phenology and yielding of lingonberry cultivars ‘Sanna’ and ‘Sussi’ in East Lithuania are described. The shrubs of ‘Sanna’ and ‘Sussi’ cultivars planted in transition mire peat during 3 to 4 years formed a dense soil cover. Their berries were larger than those of natural plants. The ‘Sanna’ and ‘Sussi’ cultivars blossomed by 1 to 2 weeks earlier than natural lingonberry, and that increased the chance of flower demages by late frosts.

Keywords: lingonberry, cultivars, cultivation, phenology, yielding.

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