Kėdainių rajono lapuočių miškų ektomikorizės morfotipai ir jų charakteristika [Characteristics of ectomycorrhizal morphotypes determined in deciduous forests of Kėdainiai district]. – Botanica Lithuanica, Suppl. 6: 63–76

Ectomycorrhizal morphotypes from deciduous forests of Kėdainiai district were investigated. Distinct morphological and anatomical features of sixty morphotypes retrieved from seven study plots situated in central Lithuania were distinguished. Ectomycorrhi-zae formed by fungi of the Lactarius genus was the most frequent. Morphotypes that according to their distinctive the features were similar to ectomycorrhizae formed by fungi of the genera Russula, Tomentella, Inocybe, Tuber were also found. About 20 % ofthe determined morphotypes were ascribed to the group of unidentified.

Keywords: ectomycorrhizae, morphotypes, deciduous forest, Lithuania.

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