Agronomijos terminija: ištakos ir problemos [Terminology of agronomy: beginnings and problems]. – Botanica Lithuanica, Suppl. 8: 51–52

Short outline of the history of Lithuanian terminology of agronomy is presented in this paper. During the Soviet era a lot of terms were borrowed from the Russian language, however, they were not always creatively adapted. Nowadays, with the introduction of agricultural technologies, new machinery, fertilisers, and plant protection products the new terminology usually comes from the West. Hasty translation of Western terminology results in inaccuracies in the sense of logic as well as in meaning of terms. These problems should be solved by careful comparison of lexical equivalents in various languages and in close co-operation with the experts of the Lithuanian language.

Keywords: agronomy, terms, booklets, calendars, agricultural technologies, machinery.

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