Charophyta of the Curonian Lagoon [Kuršių marių maurabragūnai (Charophyta)]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 10(1): 33–57

Results of recent field investigations and studies of former herbarium material and reference data on Charophyta of the northern part of the Curonian Lagoon are presented. During the period of 1949–2002, in total 18 charophyte species were recorded. During the last period of 1997–2002, eight species of Charophyta were registered, and three among them true brackish water species (Chara baltica, C. canescens, Tolypella nidifica) were found for the first time in the Lagoon. The occurrence of 10 species (Chara aspera, C. baltica, C. canescens, C. contraria, C. delicatula, C. globularis, C. vulgaris, Nitella mucronata, Nitellopsis obtusa, Tolypella nidifica) is confirmed by herbarium specimens. A short description, morphological variation, known ecological information, distribution, and phytosociology of these Charophyta species are given. Occurrence of three species (Chara connivens, C. fragifera, C. galioides) in the Curonian Lagoon was based on misidentified specimens.

Keywords: Charophyta, brackish water, Curonian Lagoon, Lithuania.