New and critical Chenopodiaceae taxa in Lithuania and Kaliningrad region [Nauji ir kritiniai balandinių (Chenopodiaceae) šeimos taksonai Lietuvoje ir Kaliningrado srityje]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 10(1): 3–12

Notes on species of the Atriplex, Bassia, Corispermum, Kochia, and Suaeda genera (Chenopodiaceae) in Lithuania and Kaliningrad region of Russia are presented. Basing on herbarium specimens, Atriplex oblongifolia, Bassia hyssopifolia, and Corispermum declinatum are confirmed occurring in Lithuania. Suaeda altissima is first reported as casual immigrant both in Lithuania and Kaliningrad region. Notes on infraspecific variation of Kochia scoparia are presented. Revision of herbarium specimens revealed that all reports on records of Atriplex rosea in Lithuania in the 20th century were based on erroneously identified specimens.

Keywords: Atriplex, Bassia, Corispermum, Kochia, Suaeda, alien plant, naturalisation, nomenclature, flora.