Influence of different fertilisers and fertilising frequency on the development of Vaccinium angustifolium seedlings [Skirtingų trąšų ir tręšimo dažnio poveikis Vaccinium angustifolium sėjinukų vystymuisi]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 10(2): 135–140

Effects of fertilisers Expert GardenerTM for acidophilous plants (33-11-11+ microelements) and Peat PG-Mix (14-16-18+ microelements) on the growth of Vaccinium angustifolium seedlings were tested. It appeared that both fertilisers are suitable for Vaccinium angustifolium and their average effect on the shoot height and branching of seedlings is approximately the same, but in case of Expert GardenerTM the proportion of seedlings with a higher number of shoots is larger. It is enough to fertilise seedlings twice during the first growing period, using 1 g of fertiliser per 1 litre of water. More frequent application of fertilisers in Estonian climatic conditions does not stop the seedlings growth before frosts and, therefore, plants may be damaged.

Keywords: Vaccinium, lowbush blueberry, seeds, germination, propagation.