Presence of toxin producing micromycetes on food of plant origin [Toksiški mikromicetai ant augalinės kilmės maisto produktų]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 10(2): 161–167

In 1999–2002 investigations on mycological state of fruit, berries, vegetables, and other plant-origin food products grown in Lithuania and imported from 24 countries were performed; most frequent micromycete species were determined. The ability of 403 micromycete strains to excrete secondary metabolites was tested. Effect of 66 strains (identified as active producers of secondary metabolites) upon the BALB/c mice was investigated. It was revealed that about 10 ? of investigated micromycete strains produce toxic metabolites that pose a potential health hazard for people consuming or handling the foodstuff.

Keywords: berries, fruit, vegetables, micromycetes, toxic metabolites, mice.