Saprolegniaceae (Peronosporomycetes) in Lithuania. I. The genera Achlya and Newbya [Saprolegniaceae (Peronosporomycetes) Lietuvoje. I. Achlya ir Newbya gentys]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 10(2): 141–160

The paper presents notes on the occurrence of straminipilous fungi belonging to the Achlya and Newbya genera in various freshwater basins of Lithuania. Short descriptions, distribution patterns, and illustrations of 16 species are provided; their morphological characters and taxonomy are discussed. Achlya americana, A. bisexualis, A. colorata, A. conspicua, A. diffusa, A. dubia, A. flagellata, A. orion, A. prolifera, A. radiosa, Newbya apiculata, and N. polyandra are reported for the first time in Lithuania.

Keywords: straminipilous fungi, Achlya, Newbya, species diversity, Lithuania.