Microscopic fungi of Viešvilė Strict Nature Reserve. Preliminary studies [Viešvilės valstybinio rezervato mikroskopinių grybų preliminarūs tyrimai]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 11(3): 167–178

Data on the diversity, distribution, and ecology of microscopic ascomycetous and anamorphic fungi of Viešvilė Strict Nature Reserve and its environs are presented in this paper. A list consisting of 24 species of ascomycetous fungi belonging to 17 genera, 80 species of hyphomycetous fungi belonging to 56 genera, and 19 species of coelomycetous fungi belonging to 10 genera has been recorded. Several recorded species are very rare, known only from a few collections worldwide and are reported here for the first time in Europe: Chloridium cf. reniforme, Helicoma dennisii, Pseudotorula cf. heterospora, and Zakatoshia hirschiopori. Comments on the host and substrate preferences, distribution patterns, and illustrations of some rare species recorded for the first time in Lithuania are given.

Keywords: Pyrenomycetes, Loculoascomycetes, Hyphomycetes, Coelomycetes, diversity, Lithuania.