Notes on the chemistry and distribution of Lecanora rouxii (lichenized Ascomycota) in Poland [Pastabos apie Lecanora rouxii (lichenizuoti aukšliagrybiai) cheminę sudėtį ir paplitimą Lenkijoje]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 11(3): 161–166

The chemistry and distribution of the lichen species Lecanora rouxii (syn. Lepraria flavescens) in Poland are described in this paper. Atranorin, eugenitol, flavescin, sordidon and 4 additional secondary lichen metabolites – called provisionally ‘rouxii unknown 1-4’ – were found; 3 of them, ‘rouxii unknown 2-4’, are newly reported. All of these substances are characterised. The chemical variability of the species is described. Also, the first full description of the species is presented.

Keywords: Lecanora rouxii, Lepraria flavescens, chemistry, distribution, Poland.