Potential toxin producing micromycetes in the dust of mills and agricultural production storehouses [Mikromicetai, potencialūs toksinų producentai, malūnų, augalinės žaliavos ir sandėlių dulkėse]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 11(3): 179–189

Dust was gathered in storehouses for grain and other plant-origin products, mills and other processing premises; mycological investigations of the dust were performed. Microscopic fungi of 136 species ascribed to 45 genera were isolated and identified. Mitosporic fungi comprised the majority of the isolated fungi – 116 species (85.3 % of all isolated species). The concentration of micromycetes in dust varied from 4 ? 1.4 × 103 to 153 ? 28 × 106 cfu/g; 64 % of the isolated micromycetes were potential producers of toxic secondary metabolites. Tests on the toxicity of microscopic fungi to the warm-blooded animals revealed that suspensions of mycelium and conidia of Aspergillus ochraceus A-1 did not cause an acute toxicity reaction in animals, while Penicillium variabile S-11 was toxic to the tested mice.

Keywords: storages, mills, grain, dust, micromycetes, mycotoxins.