Effects of logging activities on the flora and structure of the vegetation in Isokan area of southwestern Nigeria [Medžių kirtimo poveikis florai ir augalijos struktūrai Isokano regione, pietvakarių Nigerijoje]. – Bothanica Lithuanica, 12(2): 85–95

A study was carried out to identify species of forest trees that are preferentially extracted for timber by assessing their disappearance from the forest reserve, its effects on the flora and structure of the vegetation and their presence at the sawmills in Isokan Local Government area of southwestern Nigeria. Three 25 × 25 m sample plots in Ago-Owu forest reserve and six sawmills in Isokan Local Government area, Nigeria, were selected. Results showed that the density of non-timber species per hectare was higher than density of the timber species in all three forest plots. The flora composition of the study forest plots and the study of sawmills fields revealed the most commonly logged timber species. The study also revealed that logging activities have resulted in the loss of important timber tree species in the study forest.

Keywords: vegetation structure, logging, forest reserve, sawmills, southwestern Nigeria.