A comparative study on the morphological and anatomical properties of Galanthus fosteri (Amaryllidaceae) varieties in Turkey [Turkijoje paplitusių Galanthus fosteri (Amaryllidaceae) varietetų anatomijos ir morfologijos palyginimas]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 12(3): 157–168

In this paper a comparative study of morphological and anatomical properties of Galanthus fosteri Baker var. fosteri and Galanthus fosteri Baker var. antepensis N. Zeybek et E. Sauer distributed in various geographical regions in Turkey is presented. Both varieties are economically important. These two varieties are native to East Mediterranean region. Morphological properties of bulb, root, neck, scape, leaf, pedicel, spatha, flower, fruit, and seed are given in detail. During this study stable morphological properties are handled as taxonomic characters. A comparison of anatomical structure of root, neck, scape, and leaf cross-sections are described and discussed.

Keywords: Galanthus fosteri, morphology, anatomy, geophyte, stomatal index, Turkey.