Preliminary study of the antifungal activity of the ethanolic extracts from Hypericum perforatum [Paprastosios jonažolės (Hypericum perforatum) etanolio ekstraktų poveikio pelėsiniams grybams pradinis tyrimas]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 12(3): 183–190

The crude ethanolic extracts of Hypericum perforatum L. were analyzed for antifungal activity. High inhibitory effect of H. perforatum extracts was observed against Fusarium culmorum, lower activity was detected against Rhizopus stolonifer var. stolonifer, Penicillium verruculosum, and Aspergillus niger. Hypericum perforatum extracts were less active against some fungal species, such as Aspergilus niger, Acremonium strictum, and Aureobasidium pullulans, than the antifungal agent (nystatine). The maximum activity determined by agar diffusion method was shown by the extract of H. perforatum ‘Zolotodolinskaya’ No. 278 (N-4) and minimum activity was shown by the extract of H. perforatum No. 415 (N-1). Five secondary metabolites have been identified from the analysis of extracts performed with the HPLC. The accumulation level of hypericin and flavonoids (rutin, hyperoside, quercitrin, quercetin) highly varies and shows considerable heterogeneity among extracts from different accessions of H. perforatum.

Keywords: Hypericum perforatum, antifungal activity, fungi, flavonoids, hypericin.