Lichens and allied fungi of Dusetos Forest (Sartai Regional Park, North-East Lithuania) [Dusetų girios (Sartų regioninis parkas, šiaurės rytų Lietuva) kerpės ir su jomis susiję grybai]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 12(4): 243–252

Results of the inventory of lichens and allied fungi of Dusetos Forest Botanical-Zoological Preserve and Vasyna Nature Reserve (Sartai Regional Park, North-East Lithuania) are presented. 171 species (including 10 lichenicolous and 6 non-lichenized saprobic fungi) are reported from both protected territories. Four species are reported for the first time in Lithuania: Chaenotheca gracilenta, Melaspilea gibberulosa, Nectriopsis parmeliae, Schismatomma pericleum as well as one taxon ascribed to the Acremonium genus.

Keywords: lichens, lichenicolous fungi, saprobic non-lichenized ascomycetes, Lithuania, protected areas.