New findings of myxomycetes in Latvia [Nauji gleivainių (Myxomycetes) radiniai Latvijoje]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 12(1): 57–64

During the 16th Symposium of Baltic Mycologists and Lichenologists held on 21–25 September 2005 in Cēsis, Latvia, 54 myxomycete and 1 acrasiomycete species were collected; 27 species were found in Latvia for the first time. Illustrations of some species new to the country are provided, and descriptions of the morphological details of critical specimens are given. The ecological peculiarities of Barbeyella minutissima, Cribraria purpurea, and Tubifera dictyoderma are discussed.

Keywords: slime molds, acrasiomycetes, ecology.