The checklist of Chlorococcales (Chlorophyta) from water bodies of Lithuania (Chlorellaceae, Scenedesmaceae) [Lietuvos vandens telkinių Chlorococcales eilės žaliadumblių (Chlorellaceae, Scenedesmaceae) sąvadas]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 12(1): 39–56

This paper continues publication of the checklist of the Chlorococcales species recorded in the water bodies of Lithuania. The entire list comprises 283 species and intraspecific taxa ascribed to 13 families, 69 genera. The families Scenedesmaceae and Chlorellaceae, presented in the paper, comprise more than half (54 %) of coccoid green algae. Scenedesmus (66 species), Pediastrum (18), Oocystis (15), and Monoraphidium (12) are the most species-rich genera. The majority (88 %) of the recorded Chlorococcales species are rare in Lithuania, forty of them tend to develop in plankton abundantly. Frequent and rather rare species comprise 12 % of species richness, most of them develop in diferent types of water bodies and tend to dominate in the plankton. About 30 % of the recorded Chlorococcales species are known as frequent in the world. Over 30 % of species found in Lithuania show preference to all types of water bodies. Coccoid green algae flora is more diverse in lenthic waters than in lotic ones. Relatively high number Chlorococcales taxa tolerate brackish enviroment.

Keywords: Chlorococcales, Chlorophyta, checklist, water bodies, occurence, Lithuania.