Festuca pseudovina in Lithuania [Festuca pseudovina Lietuvoje]. – Botanica Lituanica, 13(1): 13–18

The new species in Lithuania Festuca pseudovina Hack. Wiesb. was found in Varėna district, Merkinė surroundings in 2004. Morphological analysis of this population and comparison of plants from natural habitats and those grown in experimental plots suggest that morphological and anatomical characteristics are species-specific. The characteristics of plants growing in natural habitats slightly differ, but the differences vary within species variation range. The plants grown in experimental plots reach species-specific maximum values. The most important characteristics according to which Festuca pseudovina can be distinguished from Festuca valesiaca are: leaf length, sclerenchyma development degree, length of lemma.

Keywords: Festuca pseudovina, population, morphology, anatomy, sclerenchyma.