Flowering sequence duration and fruit production in the species of Emilia (Senecioneae, Asteraceae) [Emilijos (Emilia) genties (Senecioneae, Asteraceae) augalų žydėjimo seka, trukmė ir derėjimas]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 13(1): 9–12

The flowering sequence duration, fruit production and percentage of fruit-set per capitulum of the three Emilia Cass species in Nigeria were investigated. There were similarities, differences and overlaps in the duration of the different stages of the flowering phase among the three species. Flowering of E. praetermissa, the allotetraploid hybrid of E. coccinea and E. sonchifolia, stars fasters than of its parental species. Fruit production performance was found to be associated with a number of vegetative and reproductive characteristics of Emilia plants. Fruit production and percentage of fruit-set per capitulum were highest in E. praetermissa. E. coccinea achenes had a shorter post-pollination period on the plant. Fruit set and production of Emilia species are discussed.

Keywords: Emilia, flowering phase, fruit production, capitulum, reproductive characteristics.