Sustainable use of medicinal and aromatic plants: to join together conservationists and the biotrade companies [Darnus vaistinių bei aromatinių augalų naudojimas: gamtosaugininkų ir įmonių bendradarbiavimas prekybos laukinėmis rūšimis srityje]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 13(1): 3–7

The paper is designed to the third objective “Using Plant Diversity Sustainably” of Global Strategy of Plant Conservation. The purpose of this paper is to plan ongoing environmental politics to meeting its targets. Far more species of medicinal plants are harvested from the natural world than any other product. Cultivation of medicinal plants is not the most beneficial production system. An original conception for the development of semi-cultural plantations of medicinal and aromatic plants in natural environment was proposed by E. Šimkūnaitė in 1960s. Sustainable use for agricultural systems is usually defined quite differently than for wild plants. Being directly connected with the harvesters, the companies purchasing wild plants from collectors are in a good position to influence the plants’ harvest. Further steps promoting sustainable use of wild-collected medicinal plants are discussed.

Keywords: plant diversity, sustainable use, medicinal plant, nature management, human well-being, Lithuania.