Lichens and allied fungi of Dūkštos oak forest (Neris Regional Park, eastern Lithuania) [Dūkštų ąžuolyno (Neries regioninis parkas, rytų Lietuva) kerpės ir su jomis susiję grybai]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 16(2–3): 115–123

Results of inventory of lichen-forming, lichenicolous and allied saprobic fungi of Dūkštos oak forest – one of the largest and oldest oak stands in Lithuania – are presented. Altogether 157 species (143 species of lichens, 6 lichenicolous and 8 non-lichenized saprobic fungi) are reported from the forest territory. One lichen species – Lecidea erythrophaea – is reported for the first time in Lithuania.

Keywords: lichens, lichenicolous fungi, Lithuania, protected areas.