Some relevant problems of Rhododendron introduction in Lithuania [Apie kai kurias aktualias rododendrų introdukcijos Lietuvoje problemas]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 16(2–3): 69–73

Based on the results of the observations of rhododendrons at the Botanical Garden of Šiauliai University, this publication presents some relevant issues of the introduction of rhododendrons in Lithuania. Successful introduction and acclimatization of rhododendrons in climatic conditions of our country involves dealing with a number of problems, because these plants require specific conditions of acclimatization, cultivation and maintenance. If growing conditions are unfavourable, the vitality of rhododendrons rapidly declines leading to loses of ornamental properties; the plants become highly susceptible to diseases and pests. The obtained results allow drawing certain conclusions about the introduction of rhododendrons in Lithuania.

Keywords: rhododendrons, problems of introduction, climatic conditions, general condition, seasonal development.