The herbarium of vascular plants of Lithuania collected by Jonas Dagys (1906–1993). – Botanica Lithuanica, 2(2): 157–188

Famous Lithuanian plant physiologist, professor of Vilnius University Jonas Dagys (1906–1993) has collected private herbarium (1059 harbarium specimens), which was trasferred for keeping to WI in 1988. The herbarium includes three parts: 1) collection of algae, fungi and mosses – 37 specimens; 2) herbarium of vascular plants of Lithuania – 777 specimens; 3) harbarium of vascular plants from foreing countries – 245 specimens. Plants from 114 collecting-sites in 28 vascular plants of prof. J. Dagys. Specimens of 39 plant species recently included in the Red Data Book of Lithuania are presented in the collection.

Keywords: herbarium, vascular plants, flora, Lithuania.