Conspectus of alien plant species of Lithuania. 1. Liliopsida (excluding Poaceae) [Lietuvos adventyvinių augalų rūšių konspektas. 1. Liliopsida (išskyrus Poaceae)]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 3(1): 3–23

This paper begins a series of publications in which conspectus of all recorded alien plant species in Lithuania will be presented. Short outline of history of investigations on alien plant species in Lithuanian is given. In the conspectus data on the first record, distribution in the territory, habitats, means of immigration, level of naturalization and biological characteristics (life form, time of flovering, fructification) of each species are described.

Data on twenty two alien plant species belonging to 11 families of the Liliopsida class (except Poaceae family ) are presented. Among those species 15 are naturalized, 3 are casuals and the level of naturalization of 4 species is not clear.The majority of described plants are escaped from cultivation. One species – Alium rotundum –is excluded from the list of alien plant species of Lithuania.

Keywords: alien plant species, conspectus, Liliopsida, first record, distribution, naturalization, reproduction, Lithuania.