Riccia canaliculata – nauja kerpsamanių rūšis Lietuvoje [Riccia canaliculata – new in Lithuania species of liverworts]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 3(1): 75–79

Thalloid liverworts Riccia canaliculata was firs found in Lithuania in 1995 in the Tauragė district (Viešvilė strict nature reserve). The locality of this species was investigated repeatedly in May, 1996. R. canaliculata was found in small marches (1–8 m2), located in damp sedge birch grove. At the silty edges of the marches it was especially abundant. Peculiarities of this plant in Lithuania are described. Specimens of R. canaliculata are deposited at the Herbarium of Vilnius University (WU).

Keywords: liverworts, Riccia canaliculata, Lithuania.