Conspectus of alien plant species of Lithuania. 2. Poaceae [Lietuvos adventyvinių augalų rūšių konspektas. 2. Poaceae]. – Botanica Lituanica, 3(2): 107–134

This paper continues publication of conspectus of alien plant species recorded in Lithuania. The Poaceae family in Lithuania is represented by 44 alien species. Data on the first record, distribution, habitats, level of naturalization, means of immigration and biology (time of flowering, fructification and reproduction) of each species are presented. Ten alien Poaceae species are naturalized, 29 are casuals and naturalization level of 5 species is uncertain. Distribution of 9 species is mapped. Seven Poaceae species are excluded from the list of alien plant species becouse their native distribution area reaches the territory or they were reported by error.

Keywords: alien plant species, Poaceae, conspectus, first record, distribution, naturalization, reproduction, Lithuania.