Host plants of Melanconiales fungi in Lithuania [Melanconiales eilės grybai ir jų augalai maitintojai Lietuvoje]. – Botanica Lituanica, 3(2): 191–205

Data on host plants of Melanconiales fungi in Lithunia are presented. Analysis showed that mostly plant species af the Fabaceae, Rosaceae and Salicaceae families are injured. On plants of the Rosaceae family 26, on Betulaceae – 24, on Salicaceae – 16 Melanconiales fungi species are found. On plants of other families their number is smaller. The majority of Melanconiales are narrowly specialised: develop on host plants of one species or one genus. These fungi develop on various parts of the plant. They are rarely found on roots or flowers, most commonly –on levels and branches. A list of host plants and Melanconiales inhabiting them is presented.

Keywords: fungi, Melanconiales, plant diseases, Lithuania.