Mycological and lichenological investigations in the former Soviet military forestries. Micromycetes: Uredinales and Ustilaginales [Mikologiniai ir lichenologiniai tyrimai buvusiose sovietinėse karinėse girininkijose. Mikromicetai: rūdiečiai (Uredinales) ir kūliečiai (Ustilaginales)]. – Botanica Lituanica, 3(2): 179–189

In the investigated six military forestries 65 rust fungi and 18 smut fungi species were found. The majority of Uredinales were heteroecious species. Fifteen species were parasites of woody plants, other – parasites of herbaceous plants. All Ustilaginales parasitized only herbaceous plants. Rusts of trees, shrubs and shrublets are widespread not only in the investigated territories, but all over Lithuania.

Keywords: micromycetes, Uredinales, Ustilaginales, military forestries, Lithuania.