Mycological and lichenological investigations in former Soviet military forestries in Lithuania. Micromycetes: Erysiphaceae Lev. [Mikologiniai ir lichenologiniai tyrimai buvusiose sovietinėse karinėse girininkijose Lietuvoje. Mikromicetai: milteniniai (Er

Species diversity of Erysiphaceae fungi, their host plants and distribution in the former Soviet military forestries are presented in this paper. 32 species from 7 genera of these fungi were identified. Erysiphe valerianae, Microsphaera viburni, Phyllactinia fraxini, Podosphaera major, P. myrtillina are known to be rare in Lithuania. Common polyphagous species Erysiphecichoracearum was registered on Cirsium palustre, Sphaeroteca fuliginea on Arnica montana. Both hosts are not common for these fungi. Common Erysiphe heraclei was registered on Cicuta virosa for the first time in Lithuania.

Keywords: Erysiphaceae, species composition, host plants, distribution, military forestries, Lithuania.