Mycological and lichenological investigations in former Soviet military forestries in Lithuania. Micromycetes: Hyphomycetes [Mikologiniai ir lichenologiniai tyrimai buvusiose sovietinėse karinėse girininkijose Lietuvoje. Mikromicetai: plikagrybšiai (Hypho

Fifty three species of Hyphomycetes of 17 genera and 3 families (Moniliaceae, Dematiacea, Tuberculariaceae) and one of Mycelia sterilia were registered in six investigated former military forestries. Most species belonged to Romularia genus (34 species). Hyphomycetes were registered on 59 host plant species, most of them were herbaceous plants. The most common species were Ramularia coccinea, R. pratensis, R. decipiens, R. lactea, R. taraxaci, Trimmatostroma betulinum, Coniothecium complanatum, which are frequent in the whole territory of Lithuania. Fifteen species were reported for the first time in the country. Species composition slightly differed in various forestries. Some Hyphomycetes plant pathogens displayed high aggressiveness, e.g. Ramularia lactea on Viola sp., R. arvensis on Potentilla anserina, Valdensia heterodoxa on Vaccinium myrtillus.

Keywords: fungi, Hyphomycetes, plant pathogens, fungicolous, mycosynusia, military forestries, Lithuania.