Teklė Rudzinskaitė (1927–1994) ir jos moklinis palikimas [Teklė Rudzinskaitė (1927–1994) and her scientific inheritance]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 3(4): 377–389

eklė Rudzinskaitė, an amateur lichenologist, the only one to work in Lithuania for several decades of the post-war period. Her scientific inheritance includes several papers (second check-list of Lithuanian lichens among them), key for identification of Lithuanian lichens, written together with coauthors and wide collection of lichens. The collection consists of more than 1500 herbarium specimens. It includes 164 taxa of lichens and 1 lichenicolous fungus. All specimens are preserved in the herbarium of Vilnius University (WU).

Keywords: lichens, herbaria, Lithuania.