Vanagės (Hieracium L. s. str.) genties rūšys Lietuvoje [Hawkweed (Hieracium L. s. str.) species in Lithuania]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 4(2): 137–156

The most numerous and taxonomically complicated genus Hieracium L. was presented in Lithuania only by 8 species aggregates, belonging to the subgenus Hieracium (= Hieracium L. s. str.), and by 26 species, belonging to the subgenus Pilosella Tausch (= Pilosella Hill). In 1995, with the preparation of the material for the third volume of the „Flora of the Baltic Countries”, a revision of the Lithuanian herbarium collections of this genus was made. After the revision of herbarium material 40 species of the genus Hieracium growing in Lithuania were revealed. In this paper a key for identification and conspectus of Hieracium L. s. str. species occurring in Lithuania are presented.

Keywords: Hieracium, taxonomy, flora, Lithuania.