Musinis ofris (Ophrys insectifera L.) Lietuvoje [Ophrys insectifera L. in Lithuania]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 4(3): 329–334

Ophrys insectifera in Lithuania was first found in Pašilėliai (environs of Truskava, Kėdainiai district) in 1993. Later its locality in Praviršulis nature reserve (Radviliškis district) was revealed. In 1998 two O. insectifera localities were found in Akmenė district. One of them, located in the lime-stone quarry and its environs near to Naujoji Akmenė is the largest in Lithuania. In 1998 in abandoned part of the lime-stone quarry, on old lime-stone heaps and slopes as well as in the neighboring forest several thousands of flowering O. insectifera individuals were found. The second locality is in northern part of Akmenė district in Luokava forest (environs of Vegeriai), close to the Latvin border. There only two O. insectifera individuals were found. Morphological description, characteristics of habitats, and a map of O. insectifera distribution in Lithuania are presented. O. insectifera is tendered to enlist into the Red Data Book of Lithuania.

Keywords: Orchidaceae, Ophrys insectifera, distribution, Lithuania.