Conservation of medicinal and aromatic plant genetic resourses in Lithuania [Vaistinių ir aromatinių augalų genetinių išteklių išsaugojimas Lietuvoje]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 5(2): 115–126

Medicinal and Aromatic plant (MAP) working group is one of the crop- specific working groups within the framework of National Plant Genetic Resource conservation programme. It involves 4 Lithuanian institutions working on MAP researches. The active conservation of MAP includes in in situ and ex situ methods. The biological peculiarities of species and their resources of raw material determine the methods of their conservation. Protection of threatened and endangered plants encompasses both methods of conservation. Widespread commercially important species with high phenotypic diversity are gathered from wild and protected in field collection. Field collection is the main technique for ex situ conservation on MAP. Now the field entered a new phase as they were expanded by accession from wild that were characterized, evaluated and selected for certain properties.

Keywords: germplasm, medicinal plant, aromatic plant, in situ conservation, ex situ conservation, field collection.