Kalnarūtės (Asplenium L.) gentis Lietuvoje. [The genus Asplenium L. in Lithuania]. – Botanica Lithuanica, 5(2): 187–190

Until 1994 only one species of the genus Asplenium was known in Lithuania. Single locality of Asplenium trichomanes L. was in Akmenė district. Three new locality of this species were revealed in Traupis (Anykščiai district) in 1994, Saldutiškis (Utena district) in 1995, and in Daujėnai (Pasvalys district) in 1997. New for Lithuania species Asplenium ruta-muraria was found in Svėdasai (Anykščiai district) and Asplenium viride was found in Rokiškis district in 1997. This species has never been found in the Baltic region. All species of the Aspleniaceae family in Lithuania occur in similar places, in the cracs of old stone cemetery walls.

Keywords: Asplenium trichomanes, A ruta-muraria, A viride, habitats, distribution, Lithuania.